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United South Africa

28 Apr

What a victory for people power.  Nazir Alli and his cohorts must now retreat and lick their wounds.

OUTA has won this battle.  The eTolling system which was conceived in evil is now down, but it will require a concerted effort to get it OUT.  Good luck to OUTA and their esteemed team.

It is now necessary for all South Africans to carry on the good fight. We have an interdict, but the gantries still loom over us.  We have not yet been able to rid ourselves of the system.

Enough for now,



Abrogating your responsibility

27 Apr

We hear about how teachers are not educating children properly (and, no, I am not a teacher). Parents, on the other hand, are so involved with their own lives that they expect teachers to do their jobs for them. Parents, WAKE UP!! The most responsible job you have is to raise your children. The police are just that, police. If they catch your kids doing something irresponsible or criminal, they will be arrested. Teachers teach, educate. They will teach your kids maths, history, biology and suchlike, but they are not responsible for your kids manners. That’s your job. I know that you are doing a difficult job under trying conditions and that your boss needs you to work all hours, but that is no excuse. If your kid takes drugs or rapes the neighbour’s daughter, look at yourself!! You did something wrong. I am not saying that your kid doesn’t have some responsibility, I am saying that you are equally (or more) responsible. I don’t give a tinkers whether your government says that you may not punish your child. They will punish that child when that child does something wrong. To prevent governmental interference in your life, take hold. I am not advocating physical punishment, but sometimes you have no choice. (And I know that the left wing types are not going to like this, but f&#k them). The reason that your child is being “naughty” is because they are seeking attention. They want you to notice them, to acknowledge their existence. And they don’t care if the attention is positive or negative, as long as they get your attention. So, to prevent “naughtiness”, give them attention! It’s actually very simple, give your children some attention, some fixed quality attention. Put aside a fixed time each and every day just for them. Don’t allow this time to be interrupted, no phone calls, no nothing. Just give your child absolute personal attention. You will see the benefits very soon.
If you do need to punish try sending them to a corner (never their bedroom – that is/should be their safe place). If that doesn’t work, gate them. If that doesn’t work, take away their phone, playstation, computer. If that doesn’t work, well I’ll leave that to you…..
Your child’s personality is built by you and your partner. If you do not do a good job, you are abrogating your responsibility and your child will not turn out the way that you would have wished. Suddenly, civil society will be lumbered with your mistake.
And, do NOT turn to drugs like Ritalin unless a competent physician says there is no other choice.
Your job is very important – it is what finances your and your family’s lifestyle. But if your job overpowers your ability to be a parent, then maybe you need to re-assess your life.
My opinion only – use it, don’t use it. It is your decision..