Nazir Alli resigns….

8 May

So Sanral is looking for a new CEO. Alli has moved on, but what we may never know is what sort of golden handshake he takes with him. The review of the etoll saga must still take place. Will Alli be there or will he have moved to a friendlier place, like Austria, where, no doubt, he must have a lot of friends?
I think that the SA government would be very happy if their secrecy bill was already in place – they could then deny access to all the contractural documents that pertain to the GFIP project. But, sadly for them, the bill in not yet (and hopefully never will be) in place for them to hide behind.
All the blacked out parts of the contracts must be revealed and methinks that there will be a lot of red faces when this happens.
OUTA, do your thing, let the people of South Africa know how their taxes, taxes on taxes, fuel levies, licence fees and other miscellaneous fees are being misused to add to the luxury lifestyles of the government rich and infamous.
And, hopefully, at the next election, the ANC royalty can see that not all the minions agree with their means of governance.
It’s time, government, that you realise that you are the servants of those who voted and not vice versa.
Enough for now,


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