My Grandson

9 May

I have just spent the last half-hour chatting with my oldest grandson on Skype. My daughter moved to the US about 20 years ago and I now have a granddaughter and 4 grandsons.
Cameron is just finishing high school and will write exams in about 3 weeks time. He is looking forward to graduation and then going to college. He has a girlfriend, but realises that his studies must come first. His girlfriend seems to be a bright girl, having won a scholarship, but she still has 2 years of high school.
I remember my teenage years, when I believed myself to be invincible and of course, I knew everything. At that stage, my parents were such idiots – strangley enough, they became so clever in such a short time, I was intrigued. Now, of course, I know better.
Anyway, my chat with Cameron was wonderful. He lives in what can only be described as the greatest country in the world and he has the potential to be whatever he decides to be. I have urged him to use the enormous benefits that a country like the US can afford him and he is raring to go. Who knows, he may even be US president one day (I can dream….).
Anyway, that’s all for now.


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