We (possibly) have a contract…

23 May

We went to a primary contractor for a large fibre optic installer and were met with disdain and a feeling that we should leave as soon as possible. It is obvious that these guys have no idea about labour conditions in South Africa.
So, back to the drawing board. We were then invited to visit another of the primary contractors (who are a South African company with a long history of excellent work). We were met with professionalism and friendliness. We are seeing them on Thursday (tomorrow) and we have an excellent chance of getting at least 20 km of the contract. This should put our worries about the company behind us. All that is necessary to make our name in the industry is good progress and quality work. And this will almost guarantee that we get more work from these guys in the future, so ensuring that we have a viable and profitable company.
So, my future of having a happy and adequate retirement is (almost) in the bag.

We did get a contract for 10kms!

(Sadly, my “partner” turns out to be a very dishonourable man and is in this to enrich himself at the cost of others and the contract will be the last that we do as partners. I definitely do not want to have any further dealings with this nasty little man and his overbearing wife.) – See my post on friends in business.

Thats all for now,


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